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My practitioner experience as a peacebuilder spans human rights, dialogue facilitation, peace processes and transitional justice. Find here information about my public engagement in policy and peacebuilding, as well as policy publications and briefs.

Policy & Peacebuilding

Policy Engagement & Peacebuilding

Member of Anglo-Colombian peacebuilding organisation Rodeemos el Diálogo (ReD or Embrace Dialogue), which supports a negotiated solution to the armed conflicts in Colombia through nurturing a culture of dialogue. UK website / Colombia website

Pedagogical methodology developed for screenings of film Chocolate of Peace to do education about peacebuilding, human rights, conflict, and global food chains

Advisory briefings for the UK Embassy in Colombia and the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

Advisory briefings to the Colombian Truth Commission and member of one of its International Advisory Boards

Invited speaker on the Colombian peace process in policy venues such as Canning House, the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace (all UK) and the Council on Foreign Relations (USA)

‘Embrace Dialogue Academia Seminar Series’: a series of eight seminars chaired by Gwen, with academics working on different aspects of peace and conflict in Colombia, talking about their work and its policy implications in conversation with a discussant. Hosted by Merton College and Rodeemos el Diálogo. Resource page with full playlist:

Research conducted with the International Centre for Transitional Justice on the Colombian Victims’ Law debate, results published in Revista Javeriana (in Spanish)

3 years of practitioner experience with Peace Brigades International Colombia Project and Peace Brigades International UK Section

Policy Publications

Burnyeat, G. and J. Röders. 2023. ‘Research Brief: Trust in the State and Peacebuilding’. Trust After Betrayal Research Briefs, May 2023. 

Burnyeat, G. ‘Why Are Rights Activists Targeted in Colombia?’ Featured Q&A, Latin America Advisor for The Dialogue, 6 February 2023. 

Burnyeat, G. and A Gómez-Suárez. ‘Petro’s First 100 Days: Peace Takes Priority’. Canning House Blog. 15 November 2022.

Burnyeat, G. ‘Has Security in Colombia Improved Under Duque?’ Featured Q&A, Latin America Advisor for The Dialogue, 21 April 2022. 

Burnyeat, G. 2022. ‘Las relaciones Estado-sociedad para la paz y el trabajo en red con aliados de la Comisión de la Verdad’. In Legado para Colombia y para la justicia transicional en el mundo: Reflexiones recientes de voces expertas practicantes y académicas. Bogotá: Instituto Colombo-Aleman para la Paz (CAPAZ).

Burnyeat, G., A. Gómez-Suárez y C.R. Rodríguez. ‘Cinco años después del plebiscito por la paz: polarización y reconciliación’, 5 December 2021, Razón Pública. 

Burnyeat, G. ‘Can Colombia find a Peaceful Way to End Deadly Unrest?’ Featured Q&A, Latin America Advisor for The Dialogue, 11 May 2021.

Burnyeat, G. ‘Why are Colombian Rights Activists Being Targeted?’ Featured Q&A, Latin America Advisor for The Dialogue, 11 March 2021.

Burnyeat, G., A. Gómez-Suárez, K. Arteaga Garzón, and G. Otálora. ‘Will the Stars (and Stripes) Align for Peace with the ELN?’, 18 June 2020, Embrace Dialogue. and also available in Spanish.

Burnyeat, G. and A. Gómez-Suárez. ‘COVID-19: A Window of Opportunity for Negotiations with the ELN?’, 25 April 2020, Embrace Dialogue. and also available in Spanish

Burnyeat, G. and A. Gómez-Suárez. 2017. ‘Religious Communities and Institutions in Colombia: Supporting or Spoiling Peace? Policy brief and recommendations for those who work with or in religious communities and institutions, on their role in peace-building’. Cuadernos de ReD, 1. Co-authored with Andrei Gómez-Suárez. English version: and Spanish version: 

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